FCA Endurance Arm Coolers


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Arm Coolers, most popular in extreme heat regions, is the ticket for keeping cool at hot races. Somewhat counter-intuitive, putting on more apparel in the heat can prevent heat-fatigue because you are protecting your skin from the sun with permanent protection that will not wash-off in 2 hours. Also, the Askin material is a moisture wicking fabric – if splashed with water, it will disperse the water around the fabric first, then start to lift it to the surface of the material to dry. The result is a cooling effect that can last many minutes as the material drys itself- super effective during hot runs!

    • Askin SPF 30 coverage for sustained protection at hot races
    • Silicon lined top gripper to limit slippage
    • Full-print sublimation design- will never crack, peel, or fade

*New sizing expanded to XS-XL unisex sizes.  


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in

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FCA Endurance