Product Care & Tips
In order to help extend the usage life and get the most from your product, please take a moment to read the following care guidelines:
1. Follow washing instructions:
- Turn apparel inside-out
- Machine wash cold with mild soap
- Do not use bleach
- Tumble dry low, do not dry clean
We strongly suggest placing your apparel inside a laundry bag when washing. This can prevent damage from the fabric catching on other items in the wash.
2. Wash before 1st use
Do not go out for a long race/ride/run/swim in your new apparel straight out of the bag. Machine washing prior to 1st use allows the stitching to soften and
fabrics to stretch.
3. Avoid contact with velcro and other abrasive surfaces
Sublimation polyester is more susceptible to abrasion than non-printed materials. Therefore, we recommend avoiding contact with abrasive surfaces when
washing (i.e. velcro, exposed metal zippers, denim).
4. Sun Protection
While our Kite fabric used on GoFierce Tri Tops, Tri Suits, and Running Singlets does provide SPF 30 protection, it is not always enough.
Fair-skinned athletes racing in very sunny conditions may experience
over-exposure through the Kite fabric on the back panel. We recommend applying an SPF 50 or higher sunblock to your back (underneath the center panel) when racing in such conditions.
5. Use chamois butter, creams, lotions and other friction-reducing products sparsely
Some athletes have more sensitive skin which may require the use of friction-reducing products to reduce the chances of chaffing during racing. However, over-use of such creams has been shown to hinder the fabric’s ability to remove moisture and may actually lead to skin irritation. Therefore, we recommend
to use such creams sparsely.
6. Chlorine exposure is not recommended 
For maximum longevity, we do not recommend training in your Epix product in chlorinated pools. This is because Chlorine will eat away at the material over time and degrade it - the result being coarse feeling material and a loss of material opacity.  Ofcourse if you have a pool swim race, or do some training in the gear this degradation won't be instant. We recommend thoroughly rinsing out your gear in cold water after a training swim.
7. Train in your new apparel prior to racing
It sometimes takes some time for your body to get used to new apparel. This is especially important for athletes racing long-course events and for those
wearing our compression shorts. It is therefore advised to train in your apparel prior to racing to mitigate any discomfort on race day.