Generation 3 GoFierce Aero Tri Jersey

Generation 3 GoFierce Aero Tri Jersey

The GoFierce Aero Tri Jersey is our personal favorite. Though the short sleeve 1 piece tends to get more popularity and you see more of our Pro's racing in it, our development team tends to wear the GoFierce Aero Tri Jersey more than any other product.

We've come a long way from our Gen 1 product - pictured to the left. Back then we used Askin on the front and the sleeves. Great fabric - but we realized we want lighter, faster for this product.

The Short Sleeve Tri Top is a great product and very versatile for an athlete's closet.  It's designed for triathlon, but the comfort of being just a top allows us to pair with tri shorts or cycling shorts depending on the training load and its currently the lightest sleeved jersey we make - so if you're looking for the best hot-weather sleeved top for the bike this is it. Gen 2 pictured to the right showed our marked improvements in front material - zero collar, and improvement on fit. 

Generation 3 is building on this momentum - marking further improvement on the pattern and doubling down on making this the lightest, most breathable tri jersey we can make. Following similar material updates to the GoFierce Aero short sleeve 1 piece, we focused on improving the material weight, moisture wicking, and temperature control. The results are impressive.

Aero Wick replaces the original Askin material on the sleeves - providing a tighter "painted on" fit while not increasing the tension of the sleeve. The lighter weight Aero Wick is more stretchy and dimpled - resulting in quicker drying and improved aerodynamics as well.

Our new Kite material on the rear panel was a big change that required us to tweak the pattern numerous times.



The rear panel on our GoFierce Aero Tri Jersey is massive (see pic of the current gen 2 version) -

and getting our pattern just right to ensure a perfect fit without added tension pulling on the sleeves, arm pits, or hips can be terrible. Each time we update a material, though it might seem simple, each new material has a different level of stretch that can often be a dramatic change in the shape of the panel before stitching. We are sticklers for ensuring the fit and feel Epix is known for - and the results in the Generation 3 jersey is the same perfect fit with the drastically lighter and more breathable new material. You'll tell the difference immediately.

Our Personal favorite product is now even better, and looks even more badass than before. We can't wait for you to get your hands on it, order today =D