Generation 2 GoFierce Aero Trisuit

Generation 2 GoFierce Aero Trisuit

At Epix Gear we are triathlon first. That focus means that each of our triathlon products is constantly being reviewed and considered for improvements. As triathletes we are racing in our gear and asking ourselves - can this be better?

2016 was our initial release of our short sleeve products. Our custom clients, brand ambassadors, and sponsored pro's have all been racing in our first generation product for months now and we were able to put together comprehensive feedback on the pattern, its performance, and note improvements. Coming into our product development season the goals for updating our suit was make it lighter weight, and shed more heat for our athletes racing in the hottest races.

Lighter, even more breathable = faster. 

The result is our new 2nd generation GoFierce Aero Trisuit. 

We've updated the sleeve to our dimpled Aero Wick fabric, already used in GoFierce product lineup as the side panel material.  The result is improved moisture management along with a more personalized " painted on" fit on the arms. Aero Wick has a larger stretch than our previous Askin material - which gave us some pattern challeneges during prototyping but with the appropriate tweaks we now have an even better sleeve that can curve and contour to more athlete's bicep shapes. Aero Wick is significantly lighter, even when wet, while retaining the same SPF protection as our original Askin sleeve - a winning combination.

To improve our hot weather heat mitigation -we looked at the most important panel of a tri suit - the back. Our first generation GoFierce Aero Trisuit used our Air Mesh fabric - lightweight and breathable, a great option that provided a great amount of stretch to fit snugly on the body in aero position. But during extreme humid and hot scenarios the Air Mesh would get wet and stick to your back a bit too much.  Our goal was to update the material and further improve to make this area with the goal of having it feel like there was no material on your back at all. 

We're pretty happy with the results! We sourced an entirely new material, Kite, which is significantly lighter weight, quicker moisture absorption, and faster drying than the Air Mesh it replaces. It is thinner, but still retains SPF protection and strikes the balance we were hoping for and the fit/feel we wanted.

Generation 2 is being made available now in our retail items and is being implemented on all our orders for Individual Custom and Team Custom.

Our best, most advanced triathlon suit is now even better.