Tri Again Men’s FreeFlyte Cycling Shorts Bib (Black)


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Newly developed by our USA production facility, the FreeFlyte Cycling line is an evolution to our GoFierce Cycling Bibs with notable fabric, pattern, and fit dynamics. When creating FreeFlyte bibs, we wanted to improve on the GoFierce cycling bibs in both fit and heat management. We did this by utilizing Shield Endure as the base with Eagle Eye on the side panels and bib uppers. Eagle Eye provides a noticeable level of breathability and moisture wicking functionality which is especially important on hot races.


Eagle Eye fabric is prominently featured on the side panels and rear shoulder panel. This fabric is highly moisture wicking while crucially holds a UV 50+ rating which means dramatically reduced sunburn risk and much less sun fatigue when on the long bike course

Endurance is our bottom section fabric that provides great compression feel from a firm and predictable stretch due to a dense gauge warp knit only sourced from premium Italian mills. This dense gauge is also a huge benefit once wet – because unlike many other brands which use lower quality warp knits that sag or get noticeably more stretchy when wet – shield endure is virtually unchanged in or out of the water: giving you unparalleled comfort and support

Elasto-Gripper – A new 50mm gripper that features less silicon backing to provide that balance of grip- but not to the point of creating abrasion. This finished edge gripper provides a softer edge for those athletes who have had uncomfortable experiences with laser-cut grippers in the past

Tailored pattern to cycling specific posture

4-way stretch for excellent comfort & fit

Flat-ock stitching throughout


Reference our fitting charts here ( . Step 1 is our graph to help provide general fitment, Step 2 dives deeper with individual measurements for exacting fit suggestions. If you have individual questions don’t hesitate to contact us

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