Merrick Tri Team FreeFlyte Short Sleeve 1 Piece Tri Suit BLACK



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Newly developed by our USA production facility, FreeFlyte is an evolution to our GoFierce Pro-Edition Short Sleeve Tri Suit with notable fabric,pattern, and fit dynamics. The 2-in-1 tri suit construction is the foundation – with all the benefits of a fully open torso for easy putting on/taking off and quick bathroom breaks. We applied the best Italian-sourced fabrics from small boutique mills to create a lighter, more breathable, more UV resistant short-sleeve tri suit with greater heat and moisture mitigation for your most demanding summer races. Following the trends of longer inseam and sleeve lengths, FreeFlyte features inseam and sleeve lengths longer than any previous Epix product. And unlike previous Epix offerings – we offer personalized tailoring services to allow you a personalized fit and dial in the comfort of your suit to a new level not offered by other brands. The intended fit is a sleeve length down near the elbow for maximum aerodynamic and sun protection. More coverage = less UV fatigue and more coverage with our Featherlight dimpled fabric gives an edge on aerodynamic benefits when paired with a correct bike fit. Inseam length is recommended near the knee – this allows maximum benefits from our Steel Endure fabric – which provides a compression fit across the entire quad and hamstring keeping muscle bounce to a minimal and improving muscle feel and comfort for long events.



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