LimitedEdition GoFierce Running Tights


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The Gofierce running tights have been completely re-designed from our previous tights with long-distance runs in mind. Generous pockets allow you to take more stuff without the need for a running belt, while our new panel shapes create less friction and allow for a more natural stride. 


• Durable black lycra on front and rear panels

• Full-print sublimation design on side panels

• No internal velour- designed for running in above freezing temps 


• One rear zipper pocket
• 2 deep side panel open pockets, form-fitting to prevent bounce


Reference our fitting charts here ( Step 1 is our graph to help provide general fitment, Step 2 dives deeper with individual measurements for exacting fit suggestions. If you have individual questions don’t hesitate to contact us – email [email protected]  

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in