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Newly developed by our USA production facility, FreeFlyte Tri Shorts is an evolution to our GoFierce Tri Shorts with notable fabric, pattern, and fit dynamics. FreeFlyte applies the foundation of our GoFierce Tri Shorts lineup with our new Italian sourced Shield Endure Fabric along with a different fit profile – a higher comfort-waistband, wider rear zipper pocket, and a new gripper.


Advanced fabrics maximizing comfort and durability

 Shield Endure provides great compression feel from a firm and predictable stretch due to a dense gauge warp knit only sourced from premium Italian mills. This dense gauge is also a huge benefit once wet – because unlike many other brands which use lower quality warp knits that sag or get noticeably more stretchy when wet – shield endure is virtually unchanged in or out of the water: giving you unparalleled comfort and support.

Full-print sublimation design- will never crack, peel, or fade

Dual-layer crotch panel for support and modesty

Flat-lock stitching throughout

The Berenis tri pad utilizes cutting edge pad design and construction technology. Multi density thermo-molding allows the tri pads to seamlessly transition pad density in key zones. Skiving edges allow for a easy transition to the pad edge minimizing potential friction points. Soft top layer permanent anti-microbial/anti-bacterial fabric ensures a sanitary and comfortable pad for long term usage. The pad is fully perforated – meaning that underneath the dimple fabric pattern there are sweat channels through the entire pad – allowing moisture to be drawn out from the pad and also decreasing the overall pad density limiting the total amount of moisture absorption during the swim – eliminating the dreaded “diaper” feel of a heavy water-logged pad when running to T1. The end result is a lightweight, flexible, highly breathable pad which gives us a level of race day comfort on par with our previous generation long distance pad but achieving this with half the pad thickness and twice the level of pad flexibility for better comfort on the bike and on the run.

Flat-lock stitching in key areas

Elasto-Gripper – A new 50mm gripper that features less silicon backing to provide that balance of grip- but not to the point of creating abrasion. This finished edge gripper provides a softer edge for those athletes who have had uncomfortable experiences with laser-cut grippers in the past


  • 1 rear zipper pocket
  • 2 open mesh pockets on the thigh side panel for easy-access


Tailoring option allows athletes to personalize inseam length +/- 2cm or 4cm for their ideal fit.

Reference our fitting charts here ( Step 1 is our graph to help provide general fitment, Step 2 dives deeper with individual measurements for exacting fit suggestions. If you have individual questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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