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Our newest, most advanced running apparel. We utilize lightweight, quick-dry fabrics together with innovative features to bring you a superior product for the most demanding track sessions and races.

GoFierce Running tee

Specifically designed for training – this super light, airy, gender specific form-fitting tee is a must for the avid triathlete on your long training runs. We created a unique pattern that results in a fitted running tee that is extremely light and airy thanks to our light Aero Wick material.

GoFierce Running singlet

Designed with the hottest, most humid conditions in mind. The GoFierce Singlet is the lightest, most airy running singlet you'll find on the market. Kite materials, contoured side panels, and a tailored gender-specific cut will make this your go-to running singlet.

GoFierce Running shorts

Our mid-length unisex running shorts - carefully designed to have unobstructed movement while not exposing too much thigh. Featuring zippered rear pocket for your key FOB.

Prefontaine Classic Running shorts

Our short-short unisex running shorts. The 1980s called and you picked up the phone. Full slit shorts fitting well above mid-thigh. Inside fabric key fob liner-pocket. Nothing but you, your speed, and the air.




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